Preferred Partners Wealth Management

Since our founding in 2007, Preferred Partners has provided exceptional investment returns to a worldwide and diverse client base.

Preferred Partners crafts unique and custom financial asset management products. Our blend of scientific and mathematical approaches combined with rigorous historical analysis help us to pair the most suitable investment strategies and tools with each of our clients' portfolio. We deliver solutions and long-term returns.

By relying on the most up to date modeling and analysis we are able to find cleavages that traditional market practices would overlook. Preferred Partners has always been an attractive management fund in part due to our above market-rate risk-adjusted returns. This has been consistently achieved for the past 15 years through merging aggressive investments with data-backed common sense decision-making.

In reality, Preferred Partners is built to manage and bolster seasoned portfolios. This selective criterion allows Preferred Partners to provide the results our most discerning clients demand. The ability to deliver stems from the team at Preferred Partners, and the environment that has been cultivated carefully over years to foster innovation and foresight.

Our in-depth and nuanced understanding of micro and macro economic cycles helps us to shelter our clients from risk. By identifying value through comprehensive analysis our team is able to take advantage of opportunities in real time. Our impressive risk analysis allows Preferred Partners to be at the forefront of investment opportunities as they arise.

Our risk aversion strategy is holistic. It relies on the necessary judgment of market experts and analysts. It is underpinned by a robust yet dynamic corporate structure, allowing for promotion and the open exchange of ideas.

The current global market demands a nuanced approach to dynamic and emerging markets. Our flexibility in strategy allows Preferred Partners to advantage from the most complex current market situations.